Purpose of WARAIA

Support local ArtisanS and add a touch of color to youR life

​Our mission is to create work for local tailors helping them in the choice of the fabrics and models to reach more customers and develop their business. We took the commitment to pay a fair price to local artisans and valorise their knowhow.

 We started with a family of tailors, but we would like to extend the project  to other families and support with the benefits local projects of development.

At the same time we wanted to promote the beautiful and interesting culture of Mozambique.

The name Waraia comes from a word in the local dialect that means "this is from home"

Discover the story of our products from the fabrics to the end


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African wax prints are omnipresent and common materials for clothing in Africa. They are colourful, 100% in cotton with wax printing. The feature of these materials is the lack of difference in the color intensity of front and back side. 

The wax prints are part of a nonverbal way of communication among African women, and hereby they carry their message out into the world. Some wax prints can be named after personalities, cities, building, sayings or occasions.


The wax fabrics constitute capital goods for the African women.

The design of the wax print fabrics already has an influence on the international world of fashion and lifestyle. They are an inspirational source for designers and companies. 





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